Baka Conservation Republic of Congo

Baka Communities Face Eviction in the Congo Basin

The Baka people in the Congo Basin are fighting to remain in and preserve the forests.

Agribusiness Ethiopia

The Chabu

The Chabu are one of the final hunter-gatherer societies left on Earth. They are the victims of human rights abuses by the Ethiopian Government due to violent displacement from their forest home making way for agricultural development. 

Democratic Republic of the Congo Extractive Industries

Mbuti in the Okapi Wildlife Reserve

The Okapi Wildlife Reserve is home to indigenous Mbuti hunter-gatherers who help protect native species of the forest. Mbuti livelihoods are being threatened, though, by illegal poaching, mining and deforestation. Photo Credit: Monusco Photos

Democratic Republic of the Congo Farmer Conflict

Luba and Batwa Conflict

A conflict between Batwa group members, a marginalized hunter-gatherer group, and Luba members, a Bantu ethnic group, has resulted in hundreds of deaths, thousands of displaced peoples and ethnic tension in the former Katanga Region. Photo Credit: Thomas Nicolon (Mongabay)