Extractive Industries Namibia San

San vs ReconAfrica

A fossil fuel company secured a deal to drill in search of a petroleum system in the Kavango Basin, posing a threat to San in the area.

Extractive Industries Mali Tuareg

Taoudeni Basin Oil Mining vs. Tuareg

Local Tuareg are pushing back against international oil companies’ exploration of the basin.

Amazigh Extractive Industries Morocco

Imider Silver Mine vs. Amazigh

Amazigh in Imider, Morocco have faced alarming depletion and contamination of their groundwater resources because of a large silver mine. Photo from Al Jazeera

Extractive Industries Niger

Tuareg vs. Mining in Niger

Tuareg find their nomadic pastoralist livelihoods increasingly under threat from a combination of uranium mining, government promotion of sedentarism and climate change. Photo Credit: NewIndianExpress

Extractive Industries Nigeria

Ogoni vs. Shell

Ogoni have faced devastating effects of the presence of Shell Oil company in Ogoniland in Nigeria since the 1950s. They also face discrimination from the Nigerian government, which favors the oil company over the local community. Photo Credit: Spilled News

Extractive Industries Pojulu South Sudan

Pojulu vs. Nile Trading & Development

Nile Trading & Development, Inc. signed a land deal with the Mukaya Payam Cooperative allowing them questionable rights to obtain resources without the indigenous community’s consent.

Eritrea Extractive Industries

Kunama v. Nevsun Mining

Four Eritrean-Kunama refugees are in the middle of a judicial battle in the Canadian court system against a Canadian-based mining company for alleged human rights violations at the Bisha Mine in Eritrea. As a result of the case, other investors are becoming skeptical about moving to Eritrea. Photo Credit: Thomas Mukoya/Reuters

Democratic Republic of the Congo Extractive Industries

Mbuti in the Okapi Wildlife Reserve

The Okapi Wildlife Reserve is home to indigenous Mbuti hunter-gatherers who help protect native species of the forest. Mbuti livelihoods are being threatened, though, by illegal poaching, mining and deforestation. Photo Credit: Monusco Photos

Extractive Industries Morocco Rif

Rif vs. Jerada Mining

Jerada is a small mining town in the Al Hoceima region of Morocco. Rif people face horrible living conditions due to the government’s preference to allow extractive industries such as mining, rather than develop programs and services for Rif people. Photo Credit: Public Radio International