Wodaabe vs. Niger

The Wodaabe are an indigenous people found in Niger and throughout North Africa. While they follow the nomadic lifestyle of cattle herding and some trading, their land rights are threatened by the Nigerien government’s encouragement of farm settlements. Photo Credit: Meryt Harding


Maasai communities are facing violent attacks and eviction due to agricultural investments, conservation, and discrimination by farmers.


The influx of land-buyers is crowding out pastoralists in Bagamoyo. Additionally, a mega sugar cane plantation is being built, leading to more evictions of pastoralists.

Suri vs. Lim Siow Jin Estate

The Ethiopia government leased land to Malaysian company Lim Siow Jin Estate in the Bench Maji Zone of the SNNPR (Southern Nations, Nationalities and Peoples’ Region) region in 2011. However, the 31,000-hectare large plantation overlaps with the land of the Suri people and has had negative effects on their traditional pastoral livelihood.