Infrastructure Kenya Maasai

Olkaria Geothermal Power Stations vs. Maasai

The Kenyan government’s plan to generate clean energy interferes with Maasai lives, displacing them from their land to make way for energy stations.

Borana Infrastructure Kenya Meru Samburu Somali Turkana

LAPSSET Infrastructure in Isiolo County

Isiolo County, Kenya, is vital for many of LAPSSET’s projects because it lies in the middle of the corridor stretching from South Sudan, where oil exports originate, to the ports of Kenya. Photo credit: Julia Cumes

Conservation Kenya Samburu

Samburu Evictions in Laikipia

In order to make way for a new national park, the Samburu have been forcefully evicted from Laikipia. Photo Credit: Jimmy Nelson

Conservation Kenya Maasai Samburu

Archer’s Post and Dol Dol

Kenyan and British Army training in Samburu. Since the end of World War Two, the Kenyan government has allowed British Military training in the region. 

Agribusiness Ethiopia Komo

Komo vs. Resettlement

Koma are agro-pastoralists who raise cattle and goats. Due to government resettlement policies, they are increasingly unable to maintain traditional livelihoods. Photo Credit: Dartmouth

Basarwa Botswana Conservation San

Basarwa/San vs. Central Kalahari Game Reserve

Basarwa/San are hunter-gatherers indigenous to southern Africa, traditionally living in the Kalahari Desert and Central Kalahari Game Reserve. Although the reserve was given to the group in the 1960’s, the Botswana government has forced them out over time to pursue mining development and tourism there instead. Photo Credit: SI