Berom Farmer Conflict Fulani Idioma Jukun Mambila Nandan Nigeria Tiv

Fulani Herders vs. Farmers

Land scarcity, population growth, and herder restrictions spark ongoing violence between the Muslim Fulani herders and Christian farmers in Nigeria. Picture Credit: Adriane Ohanesian from New York Times 

Farmer Conflict Khoisan (Khoekhoe, San) South Africa

Khoisan in South Africa

Photo Credit: Atlanta Black Star

Barabaig Farmer Conflict Tanzania


A vast Canadian wheat cultivation scheme deprived indigenous Barabaig pastoralists of their ancestral land in the 1970s. Subsequent development projects, population growth, and conservation activities have made the pursuit of pastoral livelihoods even more difficult. Photo Credit: Dana Ullman/The GroundTruth Project

Agribusiness Conservation Farmer Conflict Kamba Maasai Sukuma Tanzania Taturu


Maasai communities are facing violent attacks and eviction due to agricultural investments, conservation, and discrimination by farmers.

Farmer Conflict Tanzania


Rufiji is the southernmost district of Pwani Region. Land conflicts in this district have mainly taken place around the villages of Ikwiriri and Utete. The pastoralist population dramatically increased in the area after herders were evicted from Mbarali District in Mbeya Region in 2006-07. (Photo credit: ACAI Initiative)

Farmer Conflict Maasai Tanzania


The Emborley Murtangos Community Reserve was founded in 2002 after the Kiteto District Council received requests from seven predominantly Maasai villages in the district to pool areas of their respective village lands. This area has faced repeated invasions by outside farmers, which has led to years of conflict and legal battles. Photo credit: The Citizen

Ethiopia Farmer Conflict

The Borana

The Borana live in the Oromia region of southern Ethiopia. Despite holding off major industrial change, they are in land disputes with the government and other pastoralist groups in Kenya. Photo credit: CGIAR, ILRI/S.Mann

Democratic Republic of the Congo Farmer Conflict

Luba and Batwa Conflict

A conflict between Batwa group members, a marginalized hunter-gatherer group, and Luba members, a Bantu ethnic group, has resulted in hundreds of deaths, thousands of displaced peoples and ethnic tension in the former Katanga Region. Photo Credit: Thomas Nicolon (Mongabay)

Angola Basarwa Farmer Conflict San

San in Angola

Photo Credit: Craig Davis

Algeria Amazigh Farmer Conflict

Amazigh vs. Violations in Algeria

Amazigh in Algeria face numerous violations of their rights in their quest for freedom of speech, language and cultural practices. Although the Algerian government passed UNDRIP, it still represses Amazigh freedoms.