Over the past two decades, indigenous peoples of Africa have seen a sharp increase in violations of their human rights and intensified efforts to appropriate their land and water resources. This website documents historical and contemporary cases of human rights violations against indigenous peoples of Africa. Detailed case studies vary by country and type of conflict.

Subject to high levels of discrimination and persecution and low levels of political representation, pastoralists/herders, agro-pastoralists, and hunter-gatherers are losing their traditional territories and grazing lands to powerful interests.

This includes:

These threats undermine and put at risk the ability of indigenous communities in Africa to maintain their land, livelihoods and cultures.

Information on current cases of rights violations are classified by country, ethnic group, and violation category. We will continue to add more cases as they arise and can be verified. 
To send information on late-breaking news or additional cases, please contact us at indigenousafricaum@gmail.com.

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