Conservation Hadza Tanzania

Hadzabe Facing Extinction

One of the world’s last and most ancient hunter-gatherer societies struggle for survival in northern Tanzania.

Barabaig Farmer Conflict Tanzania


A vast Canadian wheat cultivation scheme deprived indigenous Barabaig pastoralists of their ancestral land in the 1970s. Subsequent development projects, population growth, and conservation activities have made the pursuit of pastoral livelihoods even more difficult. Photo Credit: Dana Ullman/The GroundTruth Project

Barabaig Conservation Maasai Sukuma Tanzania Taturu


Conservation efforts in the Kilombero Valley led to the eviction of Sukuma, Maasai, and Barabaig pastoralists in the Kilombero and Ulanga Districts of the Morogoro Region.

Conservation Datoga Hadza Sukuma Tanzania

Makao Wildlife Management Area (WMA) in Meatu District

The Tanzanian government made an eviction attempt on several ethnic groups including Hadza, Datoga, and Sukuma for the sake of a wildlife management area, leaving some people homeless. 

Conservation Sukuma Tanzania


In May 2006, thousands of pastoralists and their livestock were evicted from the Usangu Plains in Mbarali district.

Conservation Maasai Parakuyo Tanzania


To make way for the Mkomazi Game Reserve National Park, many pastoralists have been evicted. As a result, resources are becoming overused and pastoralists are being crowded out of their way of life. (Photo credit: Wickama et al. 2005)

Agribusiness Conservation Farmer Conflict Kamba Maasai Sukuma Tanzania Taturu


Maasai communities are facing violent attacks and eviction due to agricultural investments, conservation, and discrimination by farmers.

Agribusiness Maasai Tanzania

Pastoralists vs. SAGCOT in Tanzania

Government authorities lure foreign companies by promoting 350,000 hectares of fertile land, some of which is inhabited by indigenous people. Police violently evicted pastoralists, causing them to be homeless. 

Farmer Conflict Tanzania


Rufiji is the southernmost district of Pwani Region. Land conflicts in this district have mainly taken place around the villages of Ikwiriri and Utete. The pastoralist population dramatically increased in the area after herders were evicted from Mbarali District in Mbeya Region in 2006-07. (Photo credit: ACAI Initiative)

Barabaig Conservation Tanzania

Vilima Vitatu Village

The Tanzanian Central Government has decided to take 12,830 hectares of land in Vilima Vitatu village and allocate it to the Burunge Wildlife Management Area (WMA) without consultation or consent. News clipping from The Citizen; photo by Mussa Juma