Kel Tamasheq in Mali

Kel Tamasheq are pastoralists living in the Sahara Desert across North Africa. They have extensive indigenous knowledge allowing them to survive in one of Earth’s most formidable climates. However, they face challenges with the Malian government, which does not recognize their indigenous rights. Photo Credit: Vientodelsur

The Turkana

The Turkana are being forced out as the Kenyan government seeks increased energy output and exploration in Turkana county. Photo credit: Russell Watkins/DFID

Amazigh vs. Tamalout Dam

In the Midelt region of Morocco, the construction of the Tamalout Dam threatens to flood a nearby Amazigh village called Tizinzou. This would displace the villagers and pose other harms to the environment. Photo Credit: Nadir Bouhmouch