Extractive Industries Namibia San

San vs ReconAfrica

A fossil fuel company secured a deal to drill in search of a petroleum system in the Kavango Basin, posing a threat to San in the area.

Conservation Hadza Tanzania

Hadzabe Facing Extinction

One of the world’s last and most ancient hunter-gatherer societies struggle for survival in northern Tanzania.

Baka Conservation Republic of Congo

Baka Communities Face Eviction in the Congo Basin

The Baka people in the Congo Basin are fighting to remain in and preserve the forests.

Extractive Industries Mali Tuareg

Taoudeni Basin Oil Mining vs. Tuareg

Local Tuareg are pushing back against international oil companies’ exploration of the basin.

Infrastructure Kenya Maasai

Olkaria Geothermal Power Stations vs. Maasai

The Kenyan government’s plan to generate clean energy interferes with Maasai lives, displacing them from their land to make way for energy stations.