Maragoli vs. Agribusiness and the Republic of Uganda

Despite having been present in Uganda for over a century, Maragoli people are not recognized in the Ugandan constitution. They have been at risk of statelessness since 2015, when the National Identification and Registration Authority issued identification cards only to recognized “tribes”. Without identification cards, the Maragoli are unable to access education, healthcare, financial services,…

Hamar: Shift to Agro-Pastoralism

Many Hamar living in the SNNPR region are unable to herd cattle due to climate change, drought, and increased sugar operations. As a result, some Hamar are retraining as farmers to survive. Despite farming crops, many Hamar retain traditional ways of life. Whether pastoralism is sustainable may depend on government development. Photo credit: Africa Geographic

Anywaa (Anuak) vs. Nuer vs. Gambella

The Anywaa are an agro-pastoralist group living in Gambella. The Nuer are pastoralists who primarily live in South Sudan, but have found much of their population fleeing to Gambella as refugees, resulting in conflict with the Anywaa. Today, the country is reportedly home to the world’s most internally displaced peoples. Photo credit: Francois Servranckx/MSF