Berta Ethiopia Gumuz Refugees

Sherkole and Tsore Refugee Camps

The Benishangul-Gumuz region is home to refugee camps housing refugees from Sudan and South Sudan, while additionally housing internally displaced people within Ethiopia. Furthermore, ethnic conflict and lack of resources have exacerbated issues in the region. Photo Credit: Africa News. 

Ethiopia Refugees

Anywaa (Anuak) vs. Nuer vs. Gambella

The Anywaa are an agro-pastoralist group living in Gambella. The Nuer are pastoralists who primarily live in South Sudan, but have found much of their population fleeing to Gambella as refugees, resulting in conflict with the Anywaa. Today, the country is reportedly home to the world’s most internally displaced peoples. Photo credit: Francois Servranckx/MSF

Eritrea Refugees

Caught in the Middle: Kunama Refugees

Indigenous Kunama people from Eritrea have sought refuge in Badme, Ethiopia, since the deadly Border War between the two rival countries. However, there may be hope for justice in 2018, including Ethiopian withdrawal from disputed areas near the border. Photo Credit: James Jeffrey/Al Jazeera