Baka of Gabon vs. Conservation and Development

There are many indigenous hunter-gatherer-farmer people known as Baka living in Gabon today. They face challenges to their lifestyle due to government-sponsored development and conservation efforts, as well as marginalization from other peoples. Image Credit: Gulf News

Amazigh vs. Tamalout Dam

In the Midelt region of Morocco, the construction of the Tamalout Dam threatens to flood a nearby Amazigh village called Tizinzou. This would displace the villagers and pose other harms to the environment. Photo Credit: Nadir Bouhmouch

Himba vs. Hydroelectric Dam Proposals in Kunene Region

The OvaHimba [Himba] have held onto their traditional pastoralist lifestyle to this day despite many droughts, wars, and land grab attempts. They face new challenges as the government seeks to build dams on the Kunene River. Photo Credit: Hans Hillewaert