Extractive Industries Morocco Rif

Rif vs. Jerada Mining

Jerada is a small mining town in the Al Hoceima region of Morocco. Rif people face horrible living conditions due to the government’s preference to allow extractive industries such as mining, rather than develop programs and services for Rif people. Photo Credit: Public Radio International 

Algeria Amazigh Farmer Conflict

Amazigh vs. Violations in Algeria

Amazigh in Algeria face numerous violations of their rights in their quest for freedom of speech, language and cultural practices. Although the Algerian government passed UNDRIP, it still represses Amazigh freedoms.

Conservation Eritrea

The Eritrean Afar State in Exile

Eritrea Refugees

Caught in the Middle: Kunama Refugees

Indigenous Kunama people from Eritrea have sought refuge in Badme, Ethiopia, since the deadly Border War between the two rival countries. However, there may be hope for justice in 2018, including Ethiopian withdrawal from disputed areas near the border. Photo Credit: James Jeffrey/Al Jazeera