Maasai communities are facing violent attacks and eviction due to agricultural investments, conservation, and discrimination by farmers.


Rufiji is the southernmost district of Pwani Region. Land conflicts in this district have mainly taken place around the villages of Ikwiriri and Utete. The pastoralist population dramatically increased in the area after herders were evicted from Mbarali District in Mbeya Region in 2006-07. (Photo credit: ACAI Initiative)

Maasai vs. Thomson Safaris in Loliondo

United States-based company, Thomson Safaris, is committing human rights abuses against Maasai and threatening their existence.

Maasai vs. Otterlo in Loliondo

In Loliondo, Arusha Region, Maasai communities face constant pressure of eviction from their ancestral land, which the Otterlo Business Corporation seeks to use for commercial hunting. In late 2018, despite court rulings, the violence and evictions continue.

Maasai vs. Ngorongoro Conservation Area

Photo Credit: KopeLion

Bamba and Bakonjo Peoples in Mt. Rwenzori National Park

Bamba and Bakonjo are two indigenous groups who live in the mountainous area of Bundibugyo District. They were evicted from their land with the creation of the Rwenzori National Park, which has prevented them from accessing many economically and culturally significant areas. Photo credit: ComplexMania

Basongora & Bakonjo vs. Queen Elizabeth National Park

Batwa are often called the “Keepers of the Forest” and are one of Africa’s oldest surviving indigenous Basongora are a pastoralist community living in the western lowlands in Uganda and were evicted from their land in 1952 to allow for the creation of Queen Elizabeth National Park. They continue to face human rights violations today. Photo…